Armenian government proposes the Parliament to ratify the agreement signed between the two countries  to lift visa regime with Argentina. Armenian citizens will get the right to work in Argentina without visas for 3 months. This agreement will give a similar right to Argentine citizens coming to Armenia. Besides CIS countries, Argentina will be the….

In modern conditions there are more and more cases when citizens, being outside the territory of their country of citizenship, want to get married. Such situations are widespread in Armenia as well. What are the reasons for getting married in a foreign country? There are various reasons. Some foreign couples have to take that step….

On 16 March 2017, the Government of the Republic of Armenia introduced visa-free entry for the citizens of United Arab Emirates. From 22 March 2017 on, citizens of United Arab Emirates are able to enter Armenia visa-free for the period of 180 days within a year. We would like to note that formerly to visit Armenia….

If a foreign citizen wishes to live in the Republic of Armenia, or to acquire citizenship of the RA in common order, first he should prepare the documents which will let him stay on the territory of the Republic of  Armenia and obtain the residence status. It is possible to distinguish 3 types of resident status:….

Any capable person, who is at least 18 years old and resides in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, or outside of the Republic of Armenia, may apply to authorized state bodies for the acquisition of the citizenship of the RA if he/she: has been lawfully residing in the territory of the Republic of….

Foreigners wishing to travel to the Republic of Armenia must obtain an entry visa. Regarding to citizens of some countries, the Armenian legislation establishes visa-free regime. Here we will talk about types of entry visas, necessary for crossing the border of the Republic of Armenia.  For the beginning, we would like to note that citizens of some….

The  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia is considering the proposal on allowing entry into the Republic of Armenia by internal passports. This proposal currently being addressed affects mutual trips of citizens of RA and RF.     Such a novelty will be very advantageous for the development of tourism in Armenia as well as for….

04.05.2016 Video consultation with Vardan Khechyan Subject: Benefits of dual citizenship (video in Russian)

Grounds for acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Armenia: A person under 18 (eighteen) years of age who has no nationality, is entitled to apply to the relevant authorities of the Republic of Armenia to obtain citizenship providing that this person has: Three years of permanent uninterrupted residence in the territory of the Republic of….

Foreign citizens have the right to enter the territory of the Republic of Armenia with passports, visas and in some cases with a residence permit. On the basis of an agreement between the Republic of Armenia and a number of countries, such as The Russian Federation, The Ukraine, The Republic of Belarus, The Republic of….

According to the RA law “On foreigners”, foreign nationals have the same rights, freedoms and obligations as the citizens of the Republic of Armenia on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, unless otherwise provided by the Constitution, laws and international treaties. The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia states that a foreign citizen has….

The Republic of Armenia law provides a special procedure for termination of the RA citizenship. Citizenship may be terminated only by the decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia. The above means that if a citizen applied for the termination of the RA citizenship or acquired citizenship of another state without giving up….