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Tax Disputes

Tax Litigation often arises in connection with the conduct of improper accounting, the illegal decision of the tax inspection and such like. Due to creating problems in the tax area, your business may be subject to an increased risk. Our specialists who have experience in resolving tax disputes will help you to appeal against decisions of tax inspection, reduce fines, withdraw ceisure imposed on the property and save your business as a whole. We provide the following services to the clients of our company:

  • Reduction of penalties and the size of the tax debts;
  • Help with the procedures for obtaining overpaid or unpaid, refundable taxes;
  • Recovery from the tax authority amounts of material damage caused to the taxpayer;
  • Appeal to the higher authorities and to courts;
  • Protecting the interests of taxpayers with the imposition of penalties for tax offenses;
  • Client`s interests representation in the tax authorities.