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Customs Disputes

The customs authorities often make mistakes in the implementation of customs control. In such cases, you have to challenge the decisions of the customs authorities. In order to avoid the negative effects and eliminate the need for a trial, you will need to consult a specialist who is well versed in all the complicated features arising in customs dispute. The professionals in our law firm will help you avoid the occurrence of customs disputes, as well as, to resolve customs disputes in existence.

In connection with customs disputes, our company offers the following services:

  • Consulting on customs legislation of the Republic of Armenia;
  • Preparation of applications, requests, petitions and other legal documents;
  • Assistance in resolving controversial issues of customs clearance;
  • Protecting the interests of the client in the customs authorities in cases of an administrative offense;
  • Pre-trial/out of court settlement of disputes and conflicts with the customs authorities;
  • Appeal of illegal decisions, actions of customs officials;
  • Offset and refund of overpaid or overcharged customs payments.