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Pretrial Settlement

Before turning to the courts, it is advisable that the parties try to resolve the dispute in a peaceful and less costly manner. Pre-trial or out of court settlement of disputes is cost-effective and time-saving. It is also important to know that pre-trial/out of court settlement of the dispute can be carried out on a voluntary or mandatory basis. At the pretrial settlement of disputes, you should consult a specialist, in order to examine your particular situation in great detail to prepare the all necessary documents. Our legal team is ready to help you in both the involuntary and mandatory cases of pre-trial/out of court settlement of disputes.

Our company offers the following services for pre-trial/out of court settlement of disputes:

  • Consultation on legal issues related to the disputes;
  • Business negotiations on behalf of the client with the opposite side of the dispute;
  • Examination of documentation;
  • Legal analysis of the conflict;
  • Preparation of a pre-trial/out of court settlement agreement or a supplementary agreement to the contract, specifying the obligations of the parties to the dispute for its resolution, or new conditions of the contractual relationship.