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Enforcement Proceedings

Following the entry into force of the court decision, the most important stage is the execution of the judgment. The enforcement proceedings are the final stage of the trial. Problems arise very often at this stage. For example court orders that you must obtain property or money, but you do not get them, or the defendant does not fulfill commitments established by the judgment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such cases today, and if you fall into this predicament contact one of our qualified lawyers immediately.

Our lawyers will provide the following services:

  • Consultation on issues related to the enforcement proceedings;
  • Legal assessment of judicial executors` actions;
  • Representing the interests of individuals and legal entities in the enforcement proceedings;
  • Appeal against actions/inaction of the (e)state executor;
  • Reinstatement of the period for submission of the writ to execution;
  • Control of enforcement proceedings;
  • Suspension of enforcement proceedings;
  • Negotiations on voluntary execution of court decisions;
  • Extraction of damages caused by judicial executors.