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Divorce is quite an emotive and painful process as it is, without having to deal with the division of property, custody of children, alimony payments. In practice, there are cases when the location of one of the spouses is unknown, or one spouse refuses to sign the application for registration of divorce. The process of registration of divorce becomes more complicated. Complex situations in the process of divorce in practice are very common and sorting them out without the help of a qualified lawyer is extremely difficult. Our confidential and highly skilled lawyers will help you both at the judicial and pre-trial stage.

We offer you following services:

  • Comprehensive legal support of divorce proceedings;
  • Divorce by mutual consent of the spouses;
  • Divorce without the consent of one of the spouses;
  • Divorce with an absent spouse;
  • Divorce with foreigners in the Republic of Armenia;
  • Legal resolution of all disputes arising from divorce.