Family Mediation

Family Mediation in the Republic of Armenia

It is well known that the amount of divorces in the Republic of Armenia has greatly increased recently. It is not a very pleasant procedure in itself, demanding emotive and financial input from both spouses. This may be escalated further by the trial on a division of property and the legal issues around the children. In order to avoid such situations, you should turn to family mediation existing in the Republic of Armenia. ‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’ is well placed to advice on such sensitive and emotive matters with the wealth of experience in dealing with similar cases.

What is family mediation?

Let us look at the meaning of the word ‘mediator’. The mediator is a third neutral, independent person, helping the parties in dispute towards its resolution to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Mediation is the way of non-judicial (alternative) disputes resolution between the parties with the participation of a third disinterested party, usually a legal representative. The reason is the fact that the legal representation has all the necessary skills and professional knowledge for a just resolution of disputes. The mediator operates with compulsory consideration of his clients’ opinions and tries to establish strong yet transparent relations between them. Thus, the mediator tries to give an amicable solution to the problems during the dissolution of marriage, such as, a division of joint property, size, and order of alimony payments, conditions on living, meeting, taking part in the education of joint children and many more.

What are the advantages of family mediation in the Republic of Armenia?

Family mediation is quite common and characterized by the significant flexibility of approaches during the resolution of contradictions between the spouses. There are no definitive borders of strict procedural law, which exist in a court trial. Spouses can arrange the time and the order of their meetings and can conduct the communications in an informal atmosphere. Family mediation gives the dispute resolutions much shorter time frame than the court and often is more cost-effective than the divorce trial in a court of law.

Should one of the spouses fail to supply an act of matrimony to the court of the Republic of Armenia, the marriage dissolution is carried out through the Bureau of Acts of Civil Status, accompanied by the active intercession of a divorce lawyer. The mediation is also possible after the beginning of divorce trial. At any given moment one of the spouses may realize that only a third party can properly define the legality of their claims. For example, on the share of the disputed property, or to define a more convenient order of alimony payments. This happens because the parties are not always satisfied by the court decree. Often, one of the spouses tries to establish the most inconvenient way for the other spouse to participate in child’s education. This may be explained by difficult relationships between the spouses and/or personal insults. In this situation, the mediator comes to the fore. Frequently both spouses are able to save their marriage by virtue of having a mediator acting in between. Truth is that sometimes divorces could be caused by trivial things, such as everyday habits, or simple misunderstandings. Often after using a professional and confidential mediator, it is not unusual for both spouses to agree to save and continue their marriage under certain conditions. For example, under the strict condition of transferring the husband’s property to his wife. Should she try to initiate new divorce process, she will lose that property.

You can confidently rest assured that at ‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’ we have some of the best and experienced mediators, whose actions will be strictly according to the law and divorcing spouses will be equal in their rights. You will be provided with absolutely objective and independent legal point of view on the given situation and no one will be able to pressurize the mediator.

How to initiate a mediation between conflicting parties.

First, you need to make a decision as to the person who will act as the mediator in your dispute(s). You should approach this question with responsibility and entrust the mediation to professionals with experience in this field. Our law firm has is experienced in the provision of conciliation services. Barrister Vardan Khechyan has acted as a mediator on a number of emotive cases where confidentiality and quality were of utmost importance. He can also help you to divorce through the Bureau of Acts of Civil Status, or by court, decree achieved in short time. Under certain circumstances it is possible to save the marriage. Based on the letter of attorney, the mediator will contact the legal representation of your spouse (if he/she has one) or will contact your spouse personally. Barrister Khechyan will arrange all the meetings, establish the schedule of meetings and take care of all necessary documentation.

Both parties may wish to come to meetings with either their friends, relatives and/or lawyers. Each of the spouses expresses their own point of view on dispute resolution. The mediator will carefully consider both positions. The parties then will each state their proposals on how the dispute may or may not be resolved. The mediator will also help the parties to establish the conditions of agreement, concessions they are ready to make (if any) and the negotiations can then begin. The role of mediator is very important as the spouses more often than not cannot find mutual starting point because of emotional instability (different positions, negative feelings towards one another, insults). At the conclusion of negotiations, the parties make a mediated agreement, which establishes their rights and obligations to one another in the marriage. This document is legally binding. It is important to note that the basis of family mediation is a mutual consent. Should the mediation be unsuccessful the parties always have the option of resorting to official court representation in the Republic of Armenia.