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Bankruptcy cases are the most difficult and confusing. In case of declaring bankruptcy, it is important to consider not only all economic factors but also to properly arrange the legal grounds. In our reality, companies often face the risk of insolvency. The Law of the Republic of Armenia “On Bankruptcy” determines that the debtor may be declared bankrupt (insolvent) only by a court order. The trial of bankruptcy is a quite a complicated procedure that must be entrusted only to professional lawyers with expertise in this field.

Our bankruptcy team offers the following services:

  • Assessment of bankruptcy risk;
  • Ensuring the interests of all (or some) stages of the bankruptcy proceeding;
  • Participation in the enforcement of the court decisions in bailiff service;
  • Legal analysis of the claims of creditors in a bankruptcy case;
  • Representation in courts in bankruptcy cases;
  • Operation with the debtor’s creditors and debtors;
  • Drafting settlement agreements;
  • Consulting on bankruptcy matters.