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Purchase and Sale of Business

Purchase and sale of the commercial business are one of the most common types of transactions in the Republic of Armenia. The purchase and sale procedure of any commercial enterprise is carried out incomplete, or in parts. This requires very important, detailed and multifaceted legal procedures related to the evaluation of the various components of the said business on sale. 

Our legal team offers the following services in the field of purchase and sale of businesses.

  • Development of optimal scheme of selling or buying a business;
  • Analyze the variation of founding documents;
  • Implementing and maintaining the protection of confidentiality of the information about the business;
  • Comprehensive legal analysis of the acquired business (Due diligence);
  • Analysis of the risks associated with the conclusion and execution of the seller/purchasing transaction;
  • Drafting legal documents necessary for the purchase and sale of business;
  • Support the registration procedures related to the purchase and sale of the business.