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Antitrust Law

In the RA the law “on the protection of economic competition” is in full force as per our international agreements. The purpose of the Antitrust Law is to protect and promote the economic competition, to ensure an appropriate environment for fair competition, the development of businesses and protection of consumer rights in the Republic of Armenia. Unfortunately, the rules provided for by the law are often violated in such a way that you may lose your business at a later stage. In order to avoid this scenario and assess all the risks, you will need to consult a qualified specialist.

The antitrust lawyer from our company offers the following services:

  • consultations on competition law of the Republic of Armenia;
  • legal analysis of transactions in accordance with the requirements of the antitrust legislation;
  • preparation of documents for submission to the antitrust authorities;
  • appeal against actions/omissions of the antitrust authorities in the courts.