Pro Bono

‘Pro Bono’ has emerged as a form of charity in the early XIV century, towards persons or entities that for various reasons could not afford the required fee(s). ‘Pro Bono’ Latin for “for the public good”. Initially ‘Pro Bono’ was applied in common law system, but nowadays it has expanded beyond the borders of particular states and received wide extension in different countries around the world, including Republic of Armenia.

Today, many people/organizations find themselves in difficult financial situation and sometimes they cannot afford to pay legal fee(s) for services of a lawyer/barrister in RA. We insist that as a lawyer/barrister the first line of duty is the protection of rights and interests of clients/organizations, and that under such dire circumstances anyone shall be worthy of understanding and compassion.

Recognizing our duty owed to the community and desiring to improve the level of human rights protection in RA, ‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’ and its staff are actively involved in provision of legal assistance at no cost to persons, who cannot afford representation otherwise. Our law firm under proven conditions of ‘Pro Bono’, will provide you with the same high standard of service as to the paying client/entity. We have extensive experience in the field of ‘Pro Bono’ consulting and representation and will gladly assist you should there be a need.

You can contact us in writing at the following address:

‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’

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Or: Tel.: + (374) 10 32-02-02, Email:

We provide service in either Armenian, English or Russian. Can also translate documents to a desired language of your choice/country of origin.

Tel.: + (374) 10 32-02-02