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Medical Disputes

Medical law is one of the most important fields of law. The medical law regulates the social relations associated with the implementation of medical activities between doctor/nurse/hospital/surgery and patient. Very often the problem in the field of medical relations arises as a result of medical errors which cause a threat to life and health of a human being. To resolve the issues in this area a qualified lawyer with a good grasp of medical law is a must. Our lawyers, who have theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of medical law will provide you with the following services:

  • Consultation on issues related to medical law;
  • Protecting the rights of citizens in criminal and civil cases in case of causing actual physical or psychological harm to their life and health, due to improper execution of professional duties by medical professional(s);
  • Preparation and submission of requests in medical, pharmaceutical institutions for the recovery of medical records;
  • Legal analysis of medical documents;
  • Protection of interests of the medical institution.