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Personal Lawyer

Upon signing of a contract with our company, you will receive a personalized card, with information about the program and contact details of relevant lawyers in case of emergency. This signed contracted agreement makes it possible for you to use the services of a lawyer to protect your rights and interests. Services of personal lawyer include:
  • Unlimited number of legal advice in person, on phone or online;
  • Round the clock availability;
  • Visit the client in emergency situations on the terms specified in the agreement;
  • Elaboration of agreements (including marriage agreements), representation of your interests in the negotiations, as well as the state and other authorities;
  • Legal examination of court documents request and pick up on your behalf of the necessary and relevant  documents;
  • Legal analysis of and support when concluding transactions;
  • Representation of your interests at law enforcement bodies, IE: the police, the courts;
  • Perform other services on your behalf and in/for your best interests.