Такси Армения

Taxi control is being strengthened in Armenia | 16.05.2024


Toughening of liability for the transfer of communication equipment to prisoners | 15.05.2024

Налоги в Армении

Contribution from taxes to the state budget in 2024 | 15.05.2024

Кассовый аппарат

New Regulations for Cash Registers and Receipts | 15.05.2024

Реформа судебной системы

The digitalization of the judicial system continues | 22.04.2024

Юрист Армения

Changes to the Internet notification system. | 30.03.2024

Незаконные постройки в Армении

Responsibility for illegal buildings will be tightened | 30.03.2024

Интеллектуальное право

The Republic of Armenia is going to improve the field of intellectual law. | 30.03.2024

банкротство в Армении

Bankruptcy reform in Armenia | 30.03.2024

Гендерное равенство в Армении

The Government has submitted a draft of the resolution on the approval of the strategy for the implementation and program of measures on gender policy in the Republic of Armenia for 2024-2028 | 30.03.2024

Police presented a project to reduce the validity of the passport | 17.10.2021

Illegal abortions are punishable by criminal penalties up to imprisonment | 16.10.2021