Let’s say you are dissatisfied with the result of the plastic surgery, it does not meet the promise, or your health is damaged. You have applied to the prosecutor’s office, brought the doctor to criminal responsibility, a fine or arrest. But the cost of surgical operations on the medical market is significant and is expressed….

Redomiciliation is the process of transferring a legal entity from one jurisdiction to another. A decision to redomicile a company can be made by managers for several reasons: – Impact of the worsened geopolitical situation in the country of primary registration; – changes in tax conditions in the country of initial registration of the company;….

Each country has its own attitude towards gambling. In some countries, casinos are allowed, in some countries, gambling is strictly prohibited. We will tell you about the peculiarities of the regulation of gambling activities with winnings in the Republic of Armenia. It is one of the countries where the state chose not to ban activities….

First of all, Armenian legislation allows foreign investors to own 100% of the shares, which allows them to be the sole owners of the property. Secondly, it is known that foreign citizens in the territory of Armenia are prohibited to acquire land plots into ownership. But since they are allowed to conclude long-term lease agreements,….

If you decided to move to foreign countries or to replace a constant place of residence, that to you it will be necessary to legalize or to place the stamp of apostil on necessary for you documents. Apostil and consul legalization in the Republic of Armenia are regulated by the laws of the Republic of….

In modern conditions there are more and more cases when citizens, being outside the territory of their country of citizenship, want to get married. Such situations are widespread in Armenia as well. What are the reasons for getting married in a foreign country? There are various reasons. Some foreign couples have to take that step….

At the beginning of the 1990s, the right of private property was introduced into the legal system of the Republic of Armenia, which had been denied at the ideological level for the previous seven centuries. As a result, property, which had been in the hands of the state until then, was privatized and began to….

The draft law on neighbors’ relations was before RA National Assembly. It is proposed to introduce the rules of neighbor law in the Civil Code of the RA that will regulate disputes, violations, and uncertainties in the scope of neighbor relations. The draft law specifies the ownership of tree fruits located in the neighboring land plot, transition of….

The right to declare a citizen missing or dead is enshrined in the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia. This legal instrument has a long history of application and can often have a significant impact on the set of rights and obligations of some citizens. The necessity to recognize a citizen as absent may….

Since the beginning of 2017 certain amendments have been introduced into the legislation on notaries of the Republic of Armenia, giving notaries a number of new functions. Of particular interest is a novelty that enables enforcement of a certain type of contracts without bringing the case to court by a notary’s writ of execution. For….

Having considered the above redomicile laws for foreign legal entities, we noted that the term ‘redomiciliation’ is a change of jurisdiction of the legal entity in the jurisdiction of another country. The package of amendments to the civil law, allowing foreign companies placed under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia also provided the right….

At the end of 2016, the RA National Assembly amended the Civil Code and some other laws. Due to these changes in corporate law, the NA introduced the Instrument for redomiciliating entities. This story was borrowed because of its successful use in the legal systems of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Latvia. This….