The service of opening bank accounts for companies registered outside Armenia has recently become very popular. This can be explained by several factors, in particular, by the fact that the currency legislation of the Republic of Armenia provides ample opportunities to transfer funds outside the country and by the fact that Armenian banks are quite….

Personal data is information on facts, events, circumstances that concerns an individual were presented in a form that allows or may allow to directly or indirectly identify the individual in question. Personal data processing is any act or sequence of acts that concern personal data collection, input, organization, modification, dissemination (including transmission), storage, rectification, access blockage,….

02.03.2016 Video consultation with Vardan Khechyan Subject: Legal checks/surveyor paperwork when buying real estate in RA (video in Armenian)

19.02.2016 Video consultation with Vardan Khechyan Subject: Fraud protection in real estate market in RA (video in Armenian)

The Government Database of Legal entities of the Republic of Armenia operates the registration of legal persons on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, except for banks and credit institutions, and individual entrepreneurs, as well as, offices and branches of legal entities, providing for the registration of media operations. As you may know the….

When carrying out activities in the field of business, many companies are faced with the need to expand the range of their activities. To do this most companies register additional branches and representative offices in the Republic of Armenia. According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, branches and representative offices are not….

When purchasing any property it is desirable and even necessary to implement it full legal check-up. After all, there are cases in Yerevan and throughout the Republic of Armenia whereby aggressive sellers are trying to capitalize on the naivety of some citizens or their lack of attention. We strongly advise a prospective buyer to familiarize….

Recently the Republic of Armenia has become an attractive area for business, and it concerns not only the citizens of the Republic of Armenia or Armenian companies but also foreign businesses. Reinforcing trade and economic relations with its neighbors and economic partners of the Republic of Armenia makes it possible for foreigners to conduct business….

In accordance with Part 1 (one) of Article 1227 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian heirs may accept the inheritance in the six month period from the date of its validity. If for any reason the inheritance is not accepted at the end of six months, then it passes to the….

In the modern context of globalization, many people are faced with the need to change their country of residence for a variety of reasons, or the need to produce documents issued in the Republic of Armenia to the public authorities of other countries. Usually, it is in these moments that the intensive work on gathering….

Definition of a certificate: A certificate is a document that contains information and is compiled in order to confirm or describe facts. Certificates may be issued by public authorities, local governments and individuals. In the Republic of Armenia when obtaining citizenship, entering into marriage, accepting adoption citizens will need to present a number of different….

In the Republic of Armenia an Apostille Stamp legally confirms the position, signature, seal and stamp on official documents. The Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents sets the number of documents on which the Apostille stamp must be present in the Republic of Armenia. The Apostille stamp is issued….