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Obtaining certificates and duplicates in the Republic of Armenia

Definition of a certificate:

A certificate is a document that contains information and is compiled in order to confirm or describe facts. Certificates may be issued by public authorities, local governments and individuals. In the Republic of Armenia when obtaining citizenship, entering into marriage, accepting adoption citizens will need to present a number of different kinds of certificates. Their collection can be very tiring for the citizens, yet one must remember that before making any legal actions, the State and other authorities of the Republic of Armenia must ensure that the citizen meets certain legal conditions.

Definition of the duplicate document:

A duplicate document is a document issued as a result of the loss, or damage to the original document and has the same legal force as the original. It is written and/or typed on a blank paper in its original form and contains absolutely identical information. Cases of loss and/or damage of documents by the citizens is rather common.  One will have to apply to the competent authorities for a duplicate birth certificate, duplicate certificate of marriage, death certificates and other documents issued in the Republic of Armenia. Should you feel that you encounter issues when collecting and/or reclaiming certificates and duplicates of documents, our office can assist you in obtaining those.

On some types of inquiries and their preparation, as well as obtaining duplicate documents:

Often times most needed documents are the reference documents related to civil statuses, such as a certificate of marital status, adoption and similar documents. In addition, the information about the presence, or absence of a conviction and the investigation against the citizen, employment certificate and similar documents. References and duplicates of documents related to civil registration are available from the Archives of the Agency’s registry office and at The Ministry of Justice of the RA, The Marriage Chamber of the Republic of Armenia, the special territorial branches of service in Yerevan, the territorial bodies of The Registry Office of the Republic of Armenia and The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.

Archive of The Registry Office provides references and duplicates in the following cases:

  • When the territorial authority of the registrar where the first sample of the civil status act was, is missing from the record;
  • Duplicate documents based on stored archival registration in the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Armenia in foreign countries;
  • Duplicate documents based on stored archival registration of acts of birth in Yerevan carried out until the year 1947

The Wedding Chamber issues certificates and duplicates of documents based on its implementation of the records of marriage, divorce and acts of birth. Special territorial agencies and bodies in Yerevan provide help with duplicates based on recording a death. Local registry offices and the RA are entitled to issue certificates and duplicates on Acts carried out by them. The Ministry of Justice of the RA issues certificates and duplicate certificates on marital status for the citizens who want to marry outside of the Republic of Armenia.

Sometimes there may be a need to obtain certificates on criminal record, or the presence of the investigation in relation to the citizen, for example, in case of adoption, the right to obtain a residency permit or citizenship. On the territory of the Republic of Armenia, such certificates are issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. The data of the person is checked in the Information Center of the Republic of Armenia Police. This certificate may be issued in two languages, the Armenian language and the language of the country requesting the certificate. Apart from all these references, for example, when applying for a loan, alimony disputes, and other issues, one may require the help related to income, employment and other types of information held on the citizen.

There are also cases in which citizens of the Republic of Armenia lose their passports when abroad and do not have the necessary documents to cross the border to return to the Republic of Armenia. In these cases, citizens will need to obtain a certificate of return to their homeland. We at ‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’ will help you to quickly obtain a certificate of return to the Republic of Armenia, in order not to incur additional costs.

In accordance with Part 3 (three) of Paragraph 18 (eighteen) of the RA Law “On Advocacy”, the lawyer and/or the advocate has the right to appeal to the state bodies, local authorities, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities to obtain the necessary documents and information in order to provide legal assistance. In order for our specialists to obtain the necessary certificates and duplicates of documents on your behalf, please go to your local notary office and issue a notarized power of attorney to this effect and provide a copy of the identity document IE: passport.

Definition of legal opinion:

In accordance with Paragraph 1 (one) part 2 (two) of Article 5 (five) of the Law of RA “On Advocacy”, the lawyer, or the advocate has the right to conduct consultations, in particular, the provision of principal advice about the clients’ rights and responsibilities, review of documents, preparation of legal documents and other measures. In this regard in the Republic of Armenia, it has become very popular and is in high demand, legal advice by qualified lawyers given in oral or written form, IE: legal opinion.

These legal opinions can be used for various purposes. Sometimes they can serve as the basis for a legally significant decision and in other cases to fix the legal situation, which will help the other party to reach an acceptable conclusion. These conclusions may be given on a variety of issues, such as corporate, tax, banking, civil, and more. For example; if the foreign founders of the company do not understand certain provisions of the RA law on drafting the constituent documents, or the authorized capital, they may forward the questions to a qualified lawyer to get a legal opinion on that particular issue(s).

Please forward any to our e-mail at, or send by post. After consideration of the subject matter, our experts will make a detailed analysis of the characteristics of the case based on the Republic of Armenia legislation. The conclusion(s) can be made on both traditional paper and in electronic format. In addition to the legal opinion on the RA legislation, our office also carries legal opinions on the legislation of the Member States of EAEC.

Should you be faced with the need to get certain types of certificate(s,) or a duplicate(s) of the document(s) and for whatever reason you cannot get them in person, or if you need a thorough analysis of the legislation of the Republic of Armenia then you can confidently turn to our experts, who will be delighted to help you. This also includes quick and efficient translation of document(s) and acquiring an Apostille stamp in the Republic of Armenia.