On January 11, 2016, the Ministry of Justice of the RA presented draft law “On amendments and additions to the Civil Procedure Code of the RA” for public discussion. The law provides a new legal regulation concerning inadmissibility of abuse of procedural rights, resolution of disputes between the courts on the jurisdiction of courts, replacement….

On January 11, 2016, the Law of the RA “On the amendment to the Code on administrative offenses of the RA” and the legislative package of laws under entered into force. Due to that, the Minister of Justice of Armenia Arpine Hovhannisyan mentioned a new regulation in her statement. She marked that the new regulation allows….

On January 1, 2016, a slightly amended version of Rule 47 of the Rules of Court, which sets out the conditions for applying to the Court and for lodging a complete and valid application, will come into force. There are two pages on the application form, instead of one, for the applicant to put down….

Definition of a certificate: A certificate is a document that contains information and is compiled in order to confirm or describe facts. Certificates may be issued by public authorities, local governments and individuals. In the Republic of Armenia when obtaining citizenship, entering into marriage, accepting adoption citizens will need to present a number of different….

Consumer rights are determined and protected by the law “On Protection of Rights of Consumers”. This law is unfortunately violated very often in RA, and consumers are generally not familiar with their rights. If your rights under the law “On protection of rights of consumers” are violated then you should contact a lawyer. Our lawyers have years….

Labor disputes with the employee or the employer occur in practice very often. Such disputes arise mainly due to the reduction, wage decrease, employee involvement to justice, etc. Protection of violated labor rights is possible as in court so pretrial order. Our lawyers will help you to resolve labor disputes as at judicial so at the….

Following the entry into force of the court decision, the most important stage is the execution of the judgment. The enforcement proceedings are the final stage of the trial. Problems arise very often at this stage. For example court orders that you must obtain property or money, but you do not get them, or the defendant….

Criminal cases are very complex and sometimes confusing. In the process, even before the court hearings start, various investigative activities are held in which it is very important for the defendant, the victim, and witnesses, to know their rights. Since the criminal case goes through the different public authorities and the process may last very long,….

Inheritance registration – is a complex and long process. It is important to note that the inheritance should be made no later than in 6 months after the testator’s death. In order to save time and not make costly mistakes, you will benefit from a qualified lawyer. Our highly qualified lawyers are ready to help you in….

The peculiarity of land relations and registrations is that they are very diverse and in case of a dispute, you need both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in all types of land relations. Land disputes most often occur at infringement of the property rights by third parties or public authorities. Property rights may be violated by….

Very often, insurance companies refuse to make payments in connection with claims. In practice, very often there are cases of non-payment of insurance compensation under the contract in case of an accident. Insurance companies often unreasonably delay the whole process. To focus on an insurance claim and the particular details contained in legally worded contracts so….

Banking and financial laws by their structure are among the most complicated. Consequently, financial transactions, operations, and disputes require not only a good detailed knowledge and experience in the field of banking and financial law but also in the economy as a whole. Our experts have profound knowledge not only in the above areas but also….