Short Bio:

Barrister Vardan Khechyan was born in Armenian SSR in 1976, obtained his legal education at the Moscow New Law Institute and has had significant work experience in the field of law before graduation. Post-graduation, Mr. Khechyan has been involved in teaching law at the institute, combined with field experience of legal practitioner.  

For the last 15 years Mr. Khechyan has been practicing law in the field of civil, family, administrative, corporate, tax, intellectual, customs, labor, succession, criminal and private international law. Within that time, barrister Vardan Khechyan has gained wide recognition from both his colleagues and clients. Proving himself to be a reliable, confidential and experienced barrister, who provides solutions to complex problems and whose expert opinion is in high demand both in Republic of Armenia and abroad. Throughout  his professional carrier Mr. Khechyan has gained invaluable experience at numerous trials in courts of law, at the same time developing a solid network of partners with a number of leading law firms from France, Germany, Austria, US, Israel, Russian Federation and many more.

Barrister Vardan Khechyan is the founder of ‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’.  Additionally Mr. Khechyan is the current President of the International Union of Advocates of Armenian descent, Head of Corporate Lawyers Group of Armenia (part of Customs & Corporate Lawyers) and Head of the Representative Office of European Arbitration Chamber.