Redomiciliation is the process of transferring a legal entity from one jurisdiction to another. A decision to redomicile a company can be made by managers for several reasons: – Impact of the worsened geopolitical situation in the country of primary registration; – changes in tax conditions in the country of initial registration of the company;….

According to the results of the monitoring conducted by the World Bank at the beginning of 2017 Armenia has significantly strengthened its position in the international Doing Business ranking, rising from 43rd to 38th place from a list of 190 countries. We present brief information about the peculiarities of doing business through a legal entity,….

Having considered the above redomicile laws for foreign legal entities, we noted that the term ‘redomiciliation’ is a change of jurisdiction of the legal entity in the jurisdiction of another country. The package of amendments to the civil law, allowing foreign companies placed under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia also provided the right….

At the end of 2016, the RA National Assembly amended the Civil Code and some other laws. Due to these changes in corporate law, the NA introduced the Instrument for redomiciliating entities. This story was borrowed because of its successful use in the legal systems of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Latvia. This….

Type of direct tax, which is to be collected from companies and contractual investment funds, incorporated in the Republic of Armenia (residents), foreign companies registered outside of the Republic of Armenia and international organizations (non-residents). Profit tax is one of the types of direct taxes, subject to payment to the state budget of the RA. This….

Today National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia adopted the package of amendments to the law “On civic organizations” and related laws on first reading. 99 deputies voted in favour with 2 abstentions. While presenting the draft law Arpine Hovhannisyan, the Minister of Justice, noted that numerous matters expressing social and civil interest will be balanced by….

Securities are documents of set form, having obligatory requisites and confirming property rights, the exercise or transfer of which is possible only upon their presentation. When transferring securities all rights confirmed by it pass. The Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia distinguishes securities into a bearer security, a named security, and an ordered security…..

What is subject to division, when couples divorce in the Republic of Armenia. At present time in addition to the traditional division of property, divorcing spouses may also discuss the division of shared business and/or jointly owned shares in a business. It should be understood that the term “business” may include stocks and shares within….

In everyday life and business environment, there are frequent cases where the person is unable to meet the requirements of the creditors due to lack of monetary means and/or property. In this situation, the debtor can be declared bankrupt (insolvent). In the Republic of Armenia, the debtor can be declared bankrupt only by court decision…..

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The Government Database of Legal entities of the Republic of Armenia operates the registration of legal persons on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, except for banks and credit institutions, and individual entrepreneurs, as well as, offices and branches of legal entities, providing for the registration of media operations. As you may know the….