In modern conditions there are more and more cases when citizens, being outside the territory of their country of citizenship, want to get married. Such situations are widespread in Armenia as well. What are the reasons for getting married in a foreign country? There are various reasons. Some foreign couples have to take that step….

The right to declare a citizen missing or dead is enshrined in the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia. This legal instrument has a long history of application and can often have a significant impact on the set of rights and obligations of some citizens. The necessity to recognize a citizen as absent may….

Desiring to prevent the emergence of legal complexities, some of CIS countries established the order of providing legal cooperation on criminal, family and civil matters. Legal cooperation is based on the Minsk Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Matters. Following this convention, the legal assistance may be granted by conducting expertise, searches, requisition, sending and….

06.05.2016 Video consultation with Vardan Khechyan Subject: Civil and Court divorce proceedings in RA (video in Russian)

It is well known that the amount of divorces in the Republic of Armenia has greatly increased recently. It is not a very pleasant procedure in itself, demanding emotive and financial input from both spouses. This may be escalated further by the trial on a division of property and the legal issues around the children…..

Foreigners and stateless persons in the territory of the Republic of Armenia have the same rights and freedoms and perform the same obligations as citizens of the Republic of Armenia. Moreover, initiating divorce proceeding with a foreign citizen will not be different from the divorce process with a citizen of the Republic of Armenia. This can be carried out….

The process of registration of recognition of paternity in the Republic of Armenia: The formal registration of paternity is carried out at The Registry Office of the Republic of Armenia. After the registration, a certificate is issued acknowledging the paternity. Thus in the Republic of Armenia, the registration of paternity is carried out: On the….

The process of state registration of the birth of the child in the Republic of Armenia: If the parents are married, both their names will be recorded on the birth certificate and the child’s patronym will be registered based on the name of his father. If the parents are not married, the data on the….

The Family Code of the Republic of Armenia states that a marriage requires the mutual consent of a man and a woman. The minimum age for marriage is 18 (eighteen) years for both men and women. The law prohibits marriage if it is: Between persons one of whom is already in a registered marriage; Between….

With an increased number of international marriages between different citizens, lots of spouses may face specific problems affecting their family rights. As is known, the divorce may lead to irreconcilable contradictions between the spouses on different grounds. One of the main grounds may be the determination of where and with whom their child(ren) will live. Those conditions….