Let’s say you are dissatisfied with the result of the plastic surgery, it does not meet the promise, or your health is damaged. You have applied to the prosecutor’s office, brought the doctor to criminal responsibility, a fine or arrest. But the cost of surgical operations on the medical market is significant and is expressed….

The services of plastic surgeons in the territory of Armenia with increased frequency are addressed both by its residents and Armenians abroad. This is explained by the low prices for this type of medical services and the high quality of surgical services they provide. In this connection, the issue of protecting the rights of the….

Clinical drug trials in the Republic of Armenia are held to confirm their safety and effectiveness, as well as, to obtain information about possible side effects. Permission to hold clinical drug trials are issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. Tests are carried out on pre-established Ministry of Health medical institutions…..

Surrogacy is intended to increase the level of birth and/or reproduction in the Republic of Armenia. This method of birth has not yet received wide recognition and application within the RA and is not yet fully fitting within the moral position of the Armenian society. However, surrogacy does exists in the RA and the number….

Production and distribution of medical drugs in the Republic of Armenia The medical drug market in the RA is very dynamic and is developing rapidly. The market is consistently expanding with new players. One must note that the state regulation in the field of medicine is very important. In order not to face any legal….

On the territory of the Republic of Armenia, one is allowed to make, use, sell and import those medicines that are registered in the Republic of Armenia. Registration, refusal of registration or invalidation is carried out by orders of The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. Each state registration is carried out by….

A significant portion of the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Armenia is made up from goods imported from foreign countries. Additionally, a considerable amount of medical drugs are taken out of the country. The procedure for the import and export of medicines in the RA, has its own characteristics and certain regulatory requirements. In….

In the course of one’s life, one may for whatever reasons seek medical help, in order to lead an active, healthy and happy lifestyle. However, not all individuals who are charged with improving the health of others perform their functions as intended. As a result of malpractice, varying degrees of damage may be inflicted on….