According to the results of the monitoring conducted by the World Bank at the beginning of 2017 Armenia has significantly strengthened its position in the international Doing Business ranking, rising from 43rd to 38th place from a list of 190 countries. We present brief information about the peculiarities of doing business through a legal entity,….

Having considered the above redomicile laws for foreign legal entities, we noted that the term ‘redomiciliation’ is a change of jurisdiction of the legal entity in the jurisdiction of another country. The package of amendments to the civil law, allowing foreign companies placed under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Armenia also provided the right….

At the end of 2016, the RA National Assembly amended the Civil Code and some other laws. Due to these changes in corporate law, the NA introduced the Instrument for redomiciliating entities. This story was borrowed because of its successful use in the legal systems of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Ireland, and Latvia. This….

24.02.2016 Video consultation with Vardan Khechyan Subject: Company/business registration in RA (video in Russian)

When carrying out activities in the field of business, many companies are faced with the need to expand the range of their activities. To do this most companies register additional branches and representative offices in the Republic of Armenia. According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, branches and representative offices are not….

Recently the Republic of Armenia has become an attractive area for business, and it concerns not only the citizens of the Republic of Armenia or Armenian companies but also foreign businesses. Reinforcing trade and economic relations with its neighbors and economic partners of the Republic of Armenia makes it possible for foreigners to conduct business….

Sometimes for various reasons changes occur in companies operating in the Republic of Armenia. The changes may be related to the death of one of the members of the company, executive body moving to a new location, change of address, the sale of the share of the participant(s), the change of name of the company,….

To carry out business activities in Yerevan and other cities of the Republic of Armenia one must register in the public register as a company, or as an individual entrepreneur. Both commercial and non-profit organizations must be registered in the public register of the Republic of Armenia, despite the fact that non-profit organizations are engaged….

Recently in the Republic of Armenia, the business development is quite active and Yerevan, with some confidence, can be called the most attractive place for business. To begin the embodiment of business programs it is necessary to determine on the basis of which the activity the business will be carried out. Most often businessmen prefer….