Let’s say you are dissatisfied with the result of the plastic surgery, it does not meet the promise, or your health is damaged. You have applied to the prosecutor’s office, brought the doctor to criminal responsibility, a fine or arrest. But the cost of surgical operations on the medical market is significant and is expressed….

Former deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia, former head of the Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service Migran Poghosyan was detained by the Russian law enforcement bodies in Karelia. He is accused of embezzlement on a particularly large scale and abuse of office, as well as crimes under paragraph 1 of Part 3 of Article….

The services of plastic surgeons in the territory of Armenia with increased frequency are addressed both by its residents and Armenians abroad. This is explained by the low prices for this type of medical services and the high quality of surgical services they provide. In this connection, the issue of protecting the rights of the….

At the beginning of the 1990s, the right of private property was introduced into the legal system of the Republic of Armenia, which had been denied at the ideological level for the previous seven centuries. As a result, property, which had been in the hands of the state until then, was privatized and began to….

The appeal court rulings The final judicial act authorizing the merits of the case is called the court’s decision. The decision of the trial court may interfere with certain procedural and substantive rules of law, or incorrectly installing the actual circumstances of the case, with the result violating the legally protected rights and interests of….