In order to regulate the problems identified in the procurement process, the Government amended one of its previous decisions. According to the rationale, the applicable regulations cannot sufficiently ensure the effectiveness of procurement processes and the attractiveness of participation in procedures, including small and start-up businesses. The participants in the procurement process are presented with….

The Parliament of Armenia is discussing the issue of ratifying the agreement aimed at deepening and expanding the mutual partnership between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and China, reports Armenpress. Deputy minister of economic development and investments Albert Babayan introduced the bill on ratifying the agreement to the MPs. “The agreement provides mechanisms of mutual….

The Republic of Armenia is an important figure in the world economic market. The legislator creates the most favorable conditions both for imports and exports on its territory. In January 2015. Armenia joined the Eurasian Economic Union. The following benefits were provided in the international arena: – Duty-free imports of raw materials from the territory….

Pursuant to Government Decree 865 -N of 2015 goods imported into the Republic of Armenia by individuals who are not individual entrepreneurs, the amount of which exceeds the norms established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, shall be considered as obviously commercial. Provisions of the said Decree shall not apply to goods imported….

The EAEU and Iran signed a provisional agreement on establishing a free trade zone for a period of three years in May 2018. The accord envisages reduction or removal of import customs duties on a wide range of goods. The parties also agreed to launch talks on the full-fledged free trade agreement no later than….

The government of the Republic of Armenia in collaboration with governments of the EAEU countries and EEC organized annual business forum “Eurasian Economic Union: Armenia – Cooperation” in Tsakhkadzor from May 26 until May 29. The main theme of the forum was the discussion of EAEU export potential. A number of meetings took place which….

According to the results of the monitoring conducted by the World Bank at the beginning of 2017 Armenia has significantly strengthened its position in the international Doing Business ranking, rising from 43rd to 38th place from a list of 190 countries. We present brief information about the peculiarities of doing business through a legal entity,….

The turnover of precious metals in the Republic of Armenia is regulated by the Civil Code of the RA, the Law “On precious metals”, “On licensing”, “On trade and services”, acts of the Government and so on. Civil Code of the RA establishes that the object of a civil law is a property, particularly monetary assets,….

A significant portion of the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Armenia is made up from goods imported from foreign countries. Additionally, a considerable amount of medical drugs are taken out of the country. The procedure for the import and export of medicines in the RA, has its own characteristics and certain regulatory requirements. In….

In connection with the accession of the Republic of Armenia to the Eurasian Economic Union some changes took place in many areas of legislation. Especially changes in customs legislation, the regulation of which is not only based on the domestic legislation of the Republic of Armenia, but also on the regulatory framework of the EAEU,….

What legislative changes took place after January 2, 2015, when the Republic of Armenia became the member of the Eurasian Economic Union? Generally changes to conditions for the Republic of Armenia with regards to the absence of customs clearance for the business entities from the EAEU countries. There is no need to pay VAT, an excise tax at the customs border…..