Redomiciliation is the process of transferring a legal entity from one jurisdiction to another. A decision to redomicile a company can be made by managers for several reasons: – Impact of the worsened geopolitical situation in the country of primary registration; – changes in tax conditions in the country of initial registration of the company;….

In everyday life and business environment, there are frequent cases where the person is unable to meet the requirements of the creditors due to lack of monetary means and/or property. In this situation, the debtor can be declared bankrupt (insolvent). In the Republic of Armenia, the debtor can be declared bankrupt only by court decision…..

The order of the purchases in the territory of the Republic of Armenia is regulated by the RA Law “On Procurements”. The merchant customer can be: Public administration and local government, State or local government agencies; The Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia; State or municipal non-profit organizations; Organizations that have more than fifty….

30.12.2015 Video consultation with Vardan Khechyan Subject: Stockbrokers/holders rights and obligations under RA law (video in Armenian)

Trademark, brand symbol and/or service mark (hereinafter – mark) is a designation that is used to distinguish goods and/or services of one person from the goods and/or other services. In connection with the development of business and competition in the RA, as well as, the appearance on the RA market of new businesses, the protection….

In all areas, especially in the business one needs to pay special attention to the terms of the signed agreement at the conclusion of transactions. There is no need to refer to this process irresponsibly and without due attention, but on the contrary, it is worth spending a little extra time when drawing up the….

Production and distribution of medical drugs in the Republic of Armenia The medical drug market in the RA is very dynamic and is developing rapidly. The market is consistently expanding with new players. One must note that the state regulation in the field of medicine is very important. In order not to face any legal….

On the territory of the Republic of Armenia, one is allowed to make, use, sell and import those medicines that are registered in the Republic of Armenia. Registration, refusal of registration or invalidation is carried out by orders of The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia. Each state registration is carried out by….

A significant portion of the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Armenia is made up from goods imported from foreign countries. Additionally, a considerable amount of medical drugs are taken out of the country. The procedure for the import and export of medicines in the RA, has its own characteristics and certain regulatory requirements. In….

The Government Database of Legal entities of the Republic of Armenia operates the registration of legal persons on the territory of the Republic of Armenia, except for banks and credit institutions, and individual entrepreneurs, as well as, offices and branches of legal entities, providing for the registration of media operations. As you may know the….

When carrying out activities in the field of business, many companies are faced with the need to expand the range of their activities. To do this most companies register additional branches and representative offices in the Republic of Armenia. According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, branches and representative offices are not….

Recently the Republic of Armenia has become an attractive area for business, and it concerns not only the citizens of the Republic of Armenia or Armenian companies but also foreign businesses. Reinforcing trade and economic relations with its neighbors and economic partners of the Republic of Armenia makes it possible for foreigners to conduct business….