If you decided to move to foreign countries or to replace a constant place of residence, that to you it will be necessary to legalize or to place the stamp of apostil on necessary for you documents. Apostil and consul legalization in the Republic of Armenia are regulated by the laws of the Republic of….

When carrying out activities in the field of business, many companies are faced with the need to expand the range of their activities. To do this most companies register additional branches and representative offices in the Republic of Armenia. According to the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, branches and representative offices are not….

Recently the Republic of Armenia has become an attractive area for business, and it concerns not only the citizens of the Republic of Armenia or Armenian companies but also foreign businesses. Reinforcing trade and economic relations with its neighbors and economic partners of the Republic of Armenia makes it possible for foreigners to conduct business….

In the modern context of globalization, many people are faced with the need to change their country of residence for a variety of reasons, or the need to produce documents issued in the Republic of Armenia to the public authorities of other countries. Usually, it is in these moments that the intensive work on gathering….

In the Republic of Armenia an Apostille Stamp legally confirms the position, signature, seal and stamp on official documents. The Hague Convention of 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents sets the number of documents on which the Apostille stamp must be present in the Republic of Armenia. The Apostille stamp is issued….