In order to regulate the problems identified in the procurement process, the Government amended one of its previous decisions. According to the rationale, the applicable regulations cannot sufficiently ensure the effectiveness of procurement processes and the attractiveness of participation in procedures, including small and start-up businesses. The participants in the procurement process are presented with….

Particular attention is paid to safety issues in the regulation of leases by international law. The most important of them is as follows: which state of aircraft registration or the state of the operator – is responsible for compliance with the relevant safety standards of the Chicago Convention, who is responsible for compliance with safety….

Each country has its own attitude towards gambling. In some countries, casinos are allowed, in some countries, gambling is strictly prohibited. We will tell you about the peculiarities of the regulation of gambling activities with winnings in the Republic of Armenia. It is one of the countries where the state chose not to ban activities….

First of all, Armenian legislation allows foreign investors to own 100% of the shares, which allows them to be the sole owners of the property. Secondly, it is known that foreign citizens in the territory of Armenia are prohibited to acquire land plots into ownership. But since they are allowed to conclude long-term lease agreements,….

The conditions for organizing lotteries and gambling will be tightened in Armenia. Government at a meeting on February 28, the RA issued a positive  opinion on the draft amendments to the law “On lotteries”, developed  by deputies of parliament. The conclusion of the Cabinet in accordance with the law will be  submitted to the parliament.As the Minister….

The government of the Republic of Armenia in collaboration with governments of the EAEU countries and EEC organized annual business forum “Eurasian Economic Union: Armenia – Cooperation” in Tsakhkadzor from May 26 until May 29. The main theme of the forum was the discussion of EAEU export potential. A number of meetings took place which….

Meghri free economic zone may serve a good platform for Russian business to boost trade and economic relations with the Iranian market, Russian Minister of Transport, Co-Chair of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation Maxim Sokolov has told on Saturday in Yerevan during the meeting with Armenian PM Karen Karapetyan. Sokolov, who is paying….

How to become turnover taxpayer Once a year commercial organizations and individual entrepreneurs, registered in the Republic of Armenia, as well as notaries, have a right to transit from profit tax or VAT to turnover tax, if they submit the application to the territorial tax body until February 20th of the same year. Legal entities,….

Type of direct tax, which is to be collected from companies and contractual investment funds, incorporated in the Republic of Armenia (residents), foreign companies registered outside of the Republic of Armenia and international organizations (non-residents). Profit tax is one of the types of direct taxes, subject to payment to the state budget of the RA. This….

In the modern world the trade has gone beyond the borders of particular countries and gained international significance. Along with the development of markets and the emergence of new technical tools business entities in the Republic of Armenia gain an opportunity to enter into contracts and sell goods in foreign countries without any additional complexities. The Convention on….

International sale of goods is regulated by the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods signed in Vienna in 1980. This Convention establishes the order of conclusion of such contracts, rights, and obligations of the parties, as well as consequences of non-fulfillment of contractual obligations by the parties. Taking into account the variety….

Competition among the subjects of the market was always the basis of market relations. It provides the market with the stable development and equality before the law. Due to this, the Republic of Armenia adopted the Law “On protection of economic competition”. The law regulates activities of entrepreneurial subjects and state bodies directed to limitation, prevention,….