Conditions of lottery and gambling will be tightened in Armenia

The conditions for organizing lotteries and gambling will be tightened in Armenia. Government at a meeting on February 28, the RA issued a positive  opinion on the draft amendments to the law “On lotteries”, developed  by deputies of parliament.

The conclusion of the Cabinet in accordance with the law will be  submitted to the parliament.As the Minister of Finance of the  Republic of Armenia  noted, the authors of the bill  propose to limit the activities of slot machines and other gambling,  including sweepstakes. Speech, in particular, is about the  possibility of their organization only in four zones of the republic  – Tsakhkadzor, Sevan, Jermuk and Meghri.”It will be much more  difficult to get involved in gambling,” said the minister. He added  that the bill provides for the application of penalties for violation  of the established procedure. In addition, it is proposed to  establish the age limit, limit participation in the game by persons  recognized as incapable, block the sites of gambling organizers in  public places and set limits on cash payments. The executive body  will also require financial guarantees to protect the interests of  the participants in the games.

The government considers it expedient to establish a guarantee in the  amount of state duty, namely, 500 million drams. It is also proposed  to block access to online casinos in public facilities (cafes, bars,  restaurants, hotels, Internet clubs, gas stations, shopping centers,  etc.). Otherwise, the owners of the institution will be fined one  million drams.