The overall IT market in the Republic of Armenia has recently received a significant development and now it remains one of the most promising directions for the RA economy. The Government of the Republic of Armenia attaches great importance to the development of information technology, as it contributes to the revitalization of businesses and attracts….

In 2011 the Law “On free economic zones” came into force. This legal act provides certain privileges in the conduct of business activities in some areas of the Republic of Armenia. Options for creating such zones are assigned to the Government of the Republic of Armenia, which also approves the order of their functioning. Free….

In the course of one’s life, one may for whatever reasons seek medical help, in order to lead an active, healthy and happy lifestyle. However, not all individuals who are charged with improving the health of others perform their functions as intended. As a result of malpractice, varying degrees of damage may be inflicted on….