Artsakh Recognition Bill

Artsakh Recognition Bill Receives Negative Opinion

Today at the meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Relations under the chairmanship of Artak Zakaryan the draft law “On Recognition of the Republic of Artsakh” has been discussed. Artsakh Recognition bill was presented by the deputies of the National Assembly Zaruhi Postanjyan and Hrant Bagratyan.

According to Zaruhi Postanjyan, adoption of the law will enable Armenia to recognize the de facto status of Artsakh since the Republic of Artsakh matches all features of an independent state established by the international law.

The opinion of the Government on draft law was presented by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Shavarsh Kocharyan. He emphasized that Government provides the adoption of the presented bill as a result of discussions between Armenia and Artsakh considering further developments including external factors.

Deputies of the National Assembly delivered speeches on the draft law. They spoke about the desirability of recognition of Artsakh at the moment and expressed their viewpoints concerning the initiative. It was offered to arrange closed-door debate concerning this subject within the Committee in the near term. The Committee Chairman Artak Zakaryan had supported this initiative, but still, the bill received a negative opinion.

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