What sites should be used for the technical inspection of cars according to the new order

On January 20, the National Assembly passed a package of bills to amend the Highway Safety Act, which went into effect on August 16.

What websites should be used to go through this process?

1. First, you need to pay your property tax. Go to ( https://pay.e-community.am/am/ ) the official website of the Unified Property Tax System, select the “Pay Without Registration” box, enter the vehicle registration number (00XXXX000) and certificate number (XX000000), you will see the amount due, and you will make the payment.

The notice states that there is no refund through the website. This is a payment to the treasury and in order to get a refund, you must submit an application to the local government where you made the payment.

2.The environmental tax must be paid. Go to the Electronic Government Payment System ( https://www.e-payments.am/en/taxes/step3/service=4909/ ) Make sure that the purpose of the payment is – Environmental tax for emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere from vehicles registered in the Republic of Armenia and owned by individuals.

Beneficiary – State Revenue Committee.

Treasury account number: 900005170916

You need to fill in your details (if you don’t know the service department, you can see the addresses here) https://www.petekamutner.am/asStructuralUnits.aspx?itn=asDepartments&suid=863, choose a payment method and make the payment.

3. Go to the site of technical inspection stations (https://inspect.am/stations), where you can specify the date of technical inspection. Of the 47 inspection stations operating in Armenia, the one convenient for you, in case it is mentioned, you will also see the number of the invoice. It is necessary to deposit AMD 5500 on the indicated account, enter “00XX000 technical inspection” in the “purpose” field. It is desirable to have this receipt of payment on paper.

4. Bring the car to the technical inspection station with the certificate of ownership of the car, and then the car will be inspected. You will then receive a signed document confirming that it has passed the technical inspection. Keep it in your car until the next technical inspection. We remind you once again that the inspection receipts that were affixed to the windshield of the car are no longer available.