Medical law is one of the most important fields of law. The medical law regulates the social relations associated with the implementation of medical activities between doctor/nurse/hospital/surgery and patient. Very often the problem in the field of medical relations arises as a result of medical errors which cause a threat to life and health of a….

Upon signing of a contract with our company, you will receive a personalized card, with information about the program and contact details of relevant lawyers in case of emergency. This signed contracted agreement makes it possible for you to use the services of a lawyer to protect your rights and interests. Services of personal lawyer….

Very often, after the accident, the rights of car owners are violated by insurance companies. In practice, we often meet cases when insurance companies reject to pay compensations, pay a lower amount, or unreasonably delay the whole process. In case of road accidents, a criminal case can be brought forward. To avoid problems with aggressive insurance….

Inheritance registration – is a complex and long process. It is important to note that the inheritance should be made no later than in 6 months after the testator’s death. In order to save time and not make costly mistakes, you will benefit from a qualified lawyer. Our highly qualified lawyers are ready to help you in….

Today in practice there are many cases of non-payment of debt obligations. In the Republic of Armenia, the judicial practice shows that in such cases the agreement is mostly missing. The only legal way to recover the debt owed is a judicial protection of rights and legal interests. Litigation on debts recovery is quite long, costly….

Divorce is quite an emotive and painful process as it is, without having to deal with the division of property, custody of children, alimony payments. In practice, there are cases when the location of one of the spouses is unknown, or one spouse refuses to sign the application for registration of divorce. The process of….

The peculiarity of land relations and registrations is that they are very diverse and in case of a dispute, you need both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in all types of land relations. Land disputes most often occur at infringement of the property rights by third parties or public authorities. Property rights may be violated by….

Our company offers a wide range of services for individuals, legal entities, and individual entrepreneurs. Experienced practical specialists of ‘Vardan Khechyan LLC’ will take time to consult with you on various legal issues that you may face. Should it be necessary, we will represent your interests in court and other state bodies. The list of services….

The risks of doing business are growing every day. In order for businesses to continue to remain successful, it is imperative they have access to theoretical and practical knowledge not only in the legal field related to tax, business, antitrust and other rights but also in the field of economy. Sometimes entrepreneurs face difficulties where….

In the Republic of Armenia the law “on copyright and related rights” is in full force as per our international agreements. The IP law regulates the relations connected with the creation and use of works of science, literature, and art (copyright), performances, phonograms, programs of broadcasting organizations (related rights). Nowadays copyright and related rights of citizens….

In the RA the law “on the protection of economic competition” is in full force as per our international agreements. The purpose of the Antitrust Law is to protect and promote the economic competition, to ensure an appropriate environment for fair competition, the development of businesses and protection of consumer rights in the Republic of….