vehicle registration

New form of electronic certificate of vehicle registration in EAEU countries

On June 27 the Agreement on the introduction of the unified forms of vehicle registration certificate (certificate of chassis), certificate of a self-propelled vehicle and other types of vehicles and organization of electronic certificate systems’ came into force. 

Entering this document into force means that effective conditions for the free turnover of an automobile, agricultural, road-building and other types of vehicles have been achieved. The unified procedure for receiving electronic certificates of vehicle registration (certificate of chassis) begins to exist in the countries being a part of the Eurasian Economic Union. Upon transporting, buying, selling and undertaking other actions related to vehicles, the appropriate procedures have been essentially simplified.

In accordance with the currently acting edition of the decision of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated September 22, 2015, transitional provisions are established for providing a smooth transition to the registration of electronic certificates. Those provisions stipulated the possibility of registering paper certificates for vehicles (chassis) (until July 1, 2017) and self-propelled vehicles (until July 1, 2018), if it is provided by the domestic law of the country appearing the party to the EAEU.