Road Control Armenia” mobile app and website launched. Police | 15.07.2021

ECHR Rejects Armenia’s Petition Seeking Suspension of POW Trials in Azerbaijan | 14.07.2021

Armenia Celebrates Constitution Day | 05.07.2021

The state will provide gratuitous financial assistance through certificates for the purchase of an apartment | 29.06.2021

Armenia’s representation at ECHR urges not to speculate on Armenian prisoners of war | 28.06.2021

There are plans to create a Eurasian Medical Agency | 18.06.2021

Civil and administrative chambers with separate specialization will be created | 17.06.2021

How much will you be fined for photographing your ballot | 17.06.2021

Officials will be fined up to 2 million drams. The law comes into force on June 7 | 07.06.2021

The European Court did not accept the new complaint filed by Azerbaijan as an independent complaint | 04.06.2021

Armenia applies to ECHR demanding fundamental rights of six Armenian military servicemen | 27.05.2021

From June 1 wearing a mask in open areas is no longer required | 26.05.2021