Statement by the Prime Minister’s Office on new regulations coming into force on October 1 | 01.10.2021

A number of public services are available at all branches of Haypost | 29.09.2021

Ombudsman proposes to provide benefits to military personnel and their families | 22.09.2021

The Republic of Armenia celebrates the 30th anniversary of independence | 21.09.2021

The Republic of Armenia filed a complaint with the International Court of Justice against Azerbaijan | 16.09.2021

A change was made in connection with MTPL and technical inspection, the law came into force. | 21.08.2021

An employer will receive support if he hires a person who has a disability as a result of military action. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs | 12.08.2021

The government’s decision to return income tax on mortgages, starting January 1, will not work in most cases | 12.08.2021

Parents of first-graders can receive an allowance | 11.08.2021

The minimum survivor pension is AMD 26,500, and in the case of a child who has lost both parents it is AMD 90,000. | 10.08.2021

Badalyan was illegally imprisoned and tortured in Azerbaijan – ECHR ruling | 22.07.2021

The draft law on increasing the amount allocated for expenses related to parliamentary activities by AMD 200,000 was adopted in the first reading | 15.07.2021