RA civil code

The introduction of Neighbor Law in RA Civil Code | 13.09.2017

Eurasian Economic Union

“Eurasian Economic Union: Armenia – Cooperation” in Tsaghkadzor | 30.05.2017

Visa-free regime

Armenian Government established visa-free regime for the citizens of UAE | 20.03.2017

Military service

Military service for the citizens of Armenia who have attained the age of 27 | 15.03.2017

conference of IU(C)A

Vardan Khechyan in the conference of IU(C)A held in Malaysia | 13.03.2017

Meghri free economic zone

Meghri free economic zone as a good platform for Russian business | 12.02.2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! | 31.12.2016

civic organizations

National Assembly making amendments to the laws on civic organizations | 26.10.2016

Tax Code

National Assembly adopted the new Tax Code on third reading | 04.10.2016

Draft Tax Code

RA Government discussed Draft Tax Code | 03.07.2016

vehicle registration

New form of electronic certificate of vehicle registration in EAEU countries | 27.06.2016

internal passports

Russian MFA on allowing trips to the RA by internal passports | 01.06.2016