Гендерное равенство в Армении

The Government has submitted a draft of the resolution on the approval of the strategy for the implementation and program of measures on gender policy in the Republic of Armenia for 2024-2028

The project provides for the establishment of six priorities for ensuring gender equality in the following areas:

1. Management and decision-making, 

2. Socio-economic and labor relations,

3. Education and Science, 

4. Health care,

5. Preventing gender-based violence 

6. Prevention of domestic violence.

The information written above is aimed at creating a favorable and positive environment for the realization of the rights of women and men and the realization of opportunities in these areas.

This project is very important, as gender equality must be respected. The Constitution of the Republic of Armenia establishes that women and men are equal.

You can read the full text of the draft here: https://www.e-draft.am/projects/6821/about